Three-dimensional parametric optimization technology

A unique comprehensive technology for three-dimensional parametric optimization of objects of complex curvilinear shape meeting all modern requirements.

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Photo - Three-dimensional parametric optimization technology

Based on deep expertise and a whole range of know-how in the field of multi-objective optimization and parametrization of geometry, we have developed a unique integrated technology for three-dimensional parametric optimization of objects of complex curvilinear shape that meets all modern requirements.

The technology is the result of years long development of several software products, the key of which is Flypoint Parametrica – specialized software for creating three-dimensional parametric models.

The technology is based on three components

Parametric model in Flypoint Parametrica

Geometrical three-dimensional model of an object of complex curvilinear shape, created in specialized software Flypoint Parametrica, letting you change the shape of the object when exposed to controlled parameters both interactively in the interface Flypoint Parametrica, and autonomously without the engineer's participation in the automated optimization cycle.


Advanced numerical modeling tools such as Ansys, Star-CCM+, FlowVision, as well as proprietary software codes and fast solvers (for example, based on panel methods) can be used as a solver. An effective combination of computational technologies is the key to a productive balance between the speed of optimization and the quality of the solutions obtained.

Automated optimization

A complex of multi-objective optimization with a large set of algorithms for finding the optimal solution, taking into account the noisiness of the objective function and the specified design and technological constraints. The technology integrates with pSeven, IOSO, Ansys optiSLang and other popular Russian and foreign optimization solutions.

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