LS-TECH Framework

Software implementation of the unique complex LS-TECH technology for three-dimensional parametric optimization of objects of complex curvilinear shape, meeting all modern requirements.

LS-Tech Framework is a working environment based on our best practices and unique optimization technology, designed for the organization and automated configuration of calculation processes within optimization cycles for the purpose of their further integration into any optimization algorithm.


Being experts for many years in the field of optimization and automation of calculation processes for solving problems of different complexity of our clients, we have accumulated a lot of experience and we can state with confidence that there are no two identical optimization tasks. Obviously, optimization approaches for parametric models of different types should be different. In addition, the parametric models used differ in the depth of parameterization, a set of input and output parameters, which means that the formulation of the optimization task must be adjusted every time.


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What if you need to change the solver?

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What if you need to set up multi-mode optimization with multiple solvers?

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And if you need to change the optimizer?

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And this optimizer can't connect to the right solver?

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Or do you need to connect software of your own design?

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How to provide versatility of data transfer interfaces?


In search of answers to these questions, we systematized our approaches to optimization processes and created a unique product LS-Tech Framework.

LS-Tech Framework is neither a CFD solver nor an optimizer.

This is a powerful means of automating computational processes, fringing advanced solvers and any optimization technologies. In search of a universal solution when connected to various optimization tools, we, based on our technology, pack all the necessary parameterization of Flypoint Parametrica models and proven approaches to automating calculation processes into our own solution, which can be easily connected to any external optimization algorithms.




Seamless integration with Flypoint Parametrica «out of the box»

LS-Tech Framework contains ready-made templates of typical frequently optimized parametric models, and also has the ability to connect non-standard parametric models of Flypoint Parametrica and prepare them for optimization. All automation of Flypoint Parametrica interaction with solvers is provided by LS-Tech Framework from now on!

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Interaction with any solvers and optimizers at the architectural level

The concept of LS-Tech Framework implies the possibility of automating the calculation chain with any executable calculation code that can be run in the background from the command line. The CAE interfaces developed by us allow us not to think about the formats and ways of data transmission.

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Full automation of the process of calculation chains design

Our goal is the deepest degree of automation and democratization of the final solution. All interaction mechanisms are repeatedly debugged on real tasks, you just need to connect the model and correctly set the boundary conditions. For experts, it is possible to activate the advanced configuration mode giving access to more in-depth aspects of the interaction of the calculation software.

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The concept of a parametric bus is at the core

The parametric bus at the core of the LS-Tech Framework makes internal parameters (grid settings, boundary conditions of calculation, results of postprocessing functions) automatically available to all elements of the optimization process and allows you to establish a connection between them using mathematical operators and Python functions. The Python environment is natively integrated into the LS-Tech Framework shell.

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No visual programming, linking blocks and scripting


Photo  - the main module of LS-Tech Framework

LS-Tech Framework — the main module

  • Project templates and parametric models
  • Parametric Model Settings
  • Preparation of the calculation grid (if necessary)
  • Setting up settlement processes
  • Results processing
Photo - LS-Tech Optimization Processor Module

LS-Tech Optimization Processor

  • Black-box processor connected to the optimizer
  • Execution of the calculations chain and data processing
  • Connection to computing resources
Photo - CAD/CAE interfaces module

CAD/CAE interfaces

  • CFD and low fidelity solvers connection
  • Exporting models to CAD systems

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