Flypoint Parametrica

Specialized software for creating three-dimensional parametric models of objects of complex curvilinear shapes.

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Photo - Flypoint Parametrica

This is a new generation tool created for the real art of engineering! Its development is related to the fundamental limitations of the geometric core of Parasolid and ACIS for working with curvelinear geometry in a wide range of parameter changes.

Flypoint Parametrica is based on its own geometric core, which development took more than 20 man-years. Due to the fundamental nature of the concepts underlying it, Flypoint Parametric let create very complex parametric models that can be changed when exposed to hotspots literally in real time.

Flypoint Parametrica is a completely Russian development. Its code is independent of third-party libraries. In fact, the parametric modeling system was created from scratch, removing all the barriers and limitations of geometric cores common to CAD systems.

Thanks to the special regular structure of the surface STL grid used in Flypoint Parametrica, parametric models have very high accuracy letting you avoid a lot of errors at the stage of constructing computational grids. Geometry from Flypoint Parametrica, obtained during modification in manual mode or in an automated optimization cycle, can be quickly sent to print using a 3D printer or converted to a preferred CAD format to create design and technological documentation.

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