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LS-Technologies is a young innovative company specializing in the development of turnkey three–dimensional parametric optimization technology designed individually for each of our clients. We are able to take into account all your requirements and wishes for the software used, automation, speed and accuracy of optimization calculations, as well as help deploy the technology with any computational resources.


We deliver a solution meeting the needs of your department or even the entire enterprise, providing not just "packaged software" with marketing promises, but a finished product debugged specifically for your tasks, a set of software used, computing resources for the design cycle or production.



To make the multi—criteria optimization processes of design solutions, numerical simulation and design of your products effective while minimizing costs and risks.



We are experts in the field of optimization and automation with many years of experience in solving the most complex and urgent optimization problems for quick and informed decision—making under conditions of imports phase-out, reducing the development time of Russian innovative products and increasing their competitiveness.

Our unique geometry parameterization technology, which we use on the basis of Flypoint Parametrica lets us take a fresh look at the whole process of designing products of complex curvilinear shape, contributing to the efficiency of both optimization processes themselves and the processes of sketch and shape design.



Based on in-depth expertise and a whole range of know-how in the field of multi-criteria optimization and parametrization of geometry, we have developed a unique comprehensive technology for three-dimensional parametric optimization of objects of complex curvilinear shape that meets all modern requirements.

This technology is the result of many years of development of several software products, the key of which is Flypoint Parametrica, a unique software for creating three–dimensional parametric models letting you easily create three-dimensional parametric models of objects of any complexity and control their shape in real time. We have made three-dimensional aerodynamic optimization of objects of any complexity available to each of our clients!

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The history of the creation of a complex technology of three-dimensional parametric optimization started in St. Petersburg more than 20 years ago with the start of work on the creation of Flypoint Parametrica. Many years later, a proprietary geometric core was developed, which, being fundamentally different from the Parasolid and ACIS cores well-known today, let not only create objects of complex shapes (propellers, aircraft wings, air intakes, turbine blades and many other models), but also provide full control over the shape of products.


Start of development of technology for three-dimensional optimization of the shape of propulsion devices.


Debugging optimization technology on real cases of industrial applications in the field of shipbuilding. The first publications about the optimization of propellers in a uniform flow.


Developing in parallel with Flypoint Parametrica, various scientific know-how, the author of which is our CEO, got integrated into the complex optimization technology. After the technology of three-dimensional parametric optimization found its successful application in shipbuilding, a startup was created for the development of three-dimensional parametric optimization technology.


Scientific know-how of three-dimensional parametric optimization technology was represented for the first time at the thesis defense for the Ph.D degree at St. Petersburg State University. The project on designing and developing the optimal aerodynamic shape of the wind turbine blade was successfully implemented. The blade of the wind turbine, created in Flypoint Parametrica, was represented at the SPIEF.


Our CTO provided further development and scaling of the technology through integration with advanced CFD solvers such as Ansys Fluent, StarCCM+, FlowVision, as well as with fast calculation methods (XFoil, QProp and other "in-house" codes).


New opportunities were developed for our clients to interact with CAD systems in an automated mode. The company "LS-Technologies" was founded. Successful implementation in the development of propeller design systems, optimization of the airframe element shape of civil aircraft and UAVs for Russia's largest research institutes and industrial enterprises.


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Liubov Lavrishcheva

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Nikolai Staroverov


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